Light Up Your Worth Box Set

Includes :

  • “Light Up Your Worth” book
  • The Law of Universe Cards 
  • 22 Exercises Cards 
  • Tikkun Cards 
  • The “Light Up Your Worth” Workbook

"Light Up Your Worth" Book • The Law of Universe Cards • Affirmation Cards • Tikkun Cards • The "Light Up Your Worth" Workbook

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Ashley Grey
This Box set is so far beyond my expectations. It is STUNNING. The thought and effort put into this is just astounding. It is such high quality, beautifully buttery cardstock. Well worth the price.
Laxmi Nodon
I purchased the box because I was going through a difficult time and I feel as if I had a friend beside me. Lala Oroch put her heart and soul into this set, and you can see it in every card and page of the book.
Meryam Hatni
If you apply this book into your life. Everything will change. This book never gets boring and every chapters has a lot to learn, i think because it’s based on life experiences.
Easy read, motivating, fun book I love Lala O.Roch and this book is great. Got unbelievably motivated and the workbook is a great tool !
Caroline Lemfar
This girl is so funny and the way she talks about spirituality is so genius and innovating. So much in this book. Definitely one of my favorite book.
Anastasia Wermut
Great book gives accurate understandable information. Provides insight for both self awareness and awareness of others. I’m a therapist and I have recommended it to some of my clients.
Grace H.
I was gifted with the Box after a breakup and honestly it saved me. I am so grateful that the universe put this on my way. Thank you 🙂
I am dyslexic and have been avoiding reading books as much as I can, yet this book very quickly changed me as a person. This book is so relatable, it puts into words feelings that I could not explain. This book has given me confidence that I should not let myself fall to the same vibration level as others haters and I should focus on keeping my vibration levels up. It’s taught me self worth and I highly recommend this book.
Fatema B.
I adore everything about Light up your worth box; the workbook is priceless and contains a plethora of exercises that ground you – it alleviates my anxiety whenever I use the cards. I’m so glad I found that. You can sense it’s someone who has gone through the same thing and found healing.
This workbook arrived at the perfect time in my life. I believe in divine timing and life signs. Thank you Lala O.Roch for this gift .
Samantha F.
The exercices and cards are very much helping when you feel down. Purchased the workbook without the book but I am buying the book now
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